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Dr Geoffrey KlempnerBORN in London in 1951, Geoffrey attended University College School 1964–69. During 1970–71 he worked as a photographer's assistant, followed by a brief spell on Fleet Street at Barratt's Photo-Press.
In 1976, he gained a First Class Honours BA in Philosophy from Birkbeck College London. He went on to University College Oxford, where he gained his B.Phil in Philosophy in 1978, followed by a D.Phil in 1982.
He moved to Sheffield in 1985, where he did a period of part-time teaching for the University of Sheffield, Rotherham College and the WEA.
In 1994, his book Naive Metaphysics was published by Avebury. Professor D.W. Hamlyn, Editor of Mind 1972–84, described it as "a work of very considerable originality, not easy perhaps but one of unmistakable importance and standing."
In 1995 he founded Pathways to Philosophy, which has attracted students from over 90 countries, including students taking the BA (Hons) in Philosophy through the University of London International Programme.
He has authored numerous blogs including 'Glass House Philosopher', 'Sophist', 'Hedgehog Philosopher' and his current blog Metaphysical Journal. His most recent article is Philosophy, Ethics and Dialogue which appeared in the Journal of Dialogue Studies in 2014.
His YouTube channel has inspired much of the material for Philosophizer.
He is widowed, with three daughters. [home] [gallery]
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