"Here is philosophy with a difference. At the heart of Klempner's amazing book is the problem of problems: What is it to be? Parmenides some twenty-six centuries ago summed up all we can say about Reality in the little word esti, it is. Klempner formulates the problem in the quaintly sounding "What is is?" Here then we have the gist of all metaphysics. But rather than a cold, parched sequence of deductive arguments we find ourselves regaled with live, throbbing confrontations with the puzzles of being in contemplations, thought experiments, and reminiscences. I pick up a few of the chapter headings to indicate how variegated the approach is, how rich the fare. "I exist therefore what?", "The dark side of life", "Return of the evil demon", "Photography as metaphysics" (which I particularly found inspiring), "Herr Doktor Faust", etc., etc. The reader is not faced with finished doctrines or theories but is constantly challenged to wonder and to puzzle, which is the best a philosophy book can do."
  D. R. Khashaba

  "This writing represents an entirely new way of presenting the perennial 'questions' of philosophy. It might be compared to James Joyce's impact on literature with the publication of "Ulysses," Jack Kerouac with "On The Road," or even Plato's use of dialogues to express his ideas. The work is presented as a stream of consciousness stemming from Klempner's interior self searching for 'reality' (truth, meaning). As he himself proclaims, he "is singing his heart out." Given the author's vast erudition in philosophy, his experiences as
PHILOSOPHIZER by Geoffrey Klempner  

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a teacher and editor, and his participation in a diverse range of arts such as photography, music, and more, the end result of his writing is quite remarkable. No one who is familiar with Geoffrey Klempner's past career would have expected him to produce such a barrier-breaking work. Moreover, the style is consistent and larded with restrained humor; he handles the most abstruse philosophical topics in a manner accessible to general readers. However, it needs to be read slowly in order to intelligently absorb the contents. A familiarity with the icons of western philosophy is helpful. "Philosophizer" illustrates a principle I have maintained for years, that philosophy is an art form where the ideas are the art. Klempner shows himself with this book to be a master of the philosophic form of literary art..."
  Richard Schain
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